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The Difficulties of Releasing Products Worldwide

I raised a couple of issues again the other week (I raised the issue of voice commands last year):

Meta Ray Bans with AI (look and ask) only in America with no date for introduction in other regions.

Voice commands for Quest only in America (introduced well over a year ago I believe).

Will these ever be introduced in Britain?

and I see others raising similar issues (games not available in their country, headsets/spares not available):

I'm trying not to "have a go" at Meta because thinking about the probable issues which I think are privacy/data laws I can see this happening with many future tech products (not just from Meta) that must listen and see us and our surroundings to provide the services we want.

I thought they could just ask the owner if they give permission to listen, record and store information but it must go further than that because they already do that on many features and games - there must be regional laws involved.

Anybody got any thoughts on this?  What are the solutions? 


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The voice command one is really odd. Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Google can all do voice commands around the world (well, at least in Australia), why can't Meta? The more likely reason to me is their voice system isn't that good and has trouble with any speech without an american accent.


Headset sales definitely are hard. A device with a lithium ion battery, wifi and bluetooth strapped to your face is going to need to be extremely careful of local regulations. Just getting the 23 current regions would have taken a heap of legal wrangling. Other headsets do it too, I think it was either the Index or Vive (can't remember now) that only shipped to 31 regions.


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Yeah, no doubt about the legalities on batteries, wifi etc.

If we look at the AVP only releasing in the US - not sure if that is a toe-in-the-water to see demand kind of thing or a components/production constraint.  You would have thought that they could shift 50,000 units in most European countries in the first month.

Big PC, all the headsets, now using Quest 3