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The Quest 3's standalone render resolution is only 1680x1760.

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Thanks to Norm for being the only reviewer so far I've seen to point this out. While the Q3's panels have a native resolution of 2064x2208, for standalone use things are only rendered at 1680x1760 resolution. For standalone, graphics aren't rendered at the native resolution of the panels. It's like watching a 720p video on a 1080p screen. To get full native resolution you have to use it with a PC and supersample.


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Meta said it before (Quest3's default resolution). "Default resolution is lower than panel resolution" is the same since Quest1. And each game use different resolution. Some games are lower, some games are higher. There are games update resolution & etc. for Quest3. Red Matter 2 is over 3000 now. lol Anyway we can increase resolution via sidequest.

Changing resolution on side quest changes nothing for me. Unless the change is that slight you really can't tell. Plus I don't want to have to connect to my pc every time I want to do this. Why ain't they some settings on the quest to do this from the headset