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The elite strap fiasco

Level 5
  • I purchased my elite strap from the beginning. Based on many of them breaking I expected the same. Sure enough one month ago it developed a big crack. I put tape around it to hold it together. I put tape on the unbroken side to reinforce it. I had no interest in getting a free replacement. I modified a very light workman helmit (probably called something else) and even used a part of the broken elite. This is about 25% more comfortable. My point is facebook did nothing real to solve the problem. Allowing for a 2 year warranty is just a bandage on a festering wound. They won't admit it's a defective product out of the box (my opinion). When I took off the taped elite the taped side that at 1st wasn't broken fell apart after removing the strap. What a piece of @@##%#

Level 15

Ya, it’s a cheap, flimsy bit of gear.  I bought one and tried it a few times then returned it for a full refund.  Too bad because it was pretty comfortable.  You’d think they could have modified and improved it by now, lol!

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Level 2

I agree completely defective out of the box. Weak plastic no matter what batch you get, and the design puts all the stress on the middle of the straps right where all the breaks are happening. Oculus is only offering to replace it with the SAME DEFECTIVE PRODUCT and only if you send both the broken strap and the carrying case back. I've completely lost faith in the Oculus brand over this and the facial interface issues as well. I'm just going to sell my replacement strap to some poor soul so I can get some of my money back I paid for this overpriced piece of junk, and just buy third party accessories as they're much better quality and honestly probably have better support.

Level 3

My strap from February 2021 broke in the exact same spot as everyone elses. Strap was manufactured in October 2020. Strap was VERY lightly used and cared for since I knew about the breakage issues.


Nevertheless, after 2 months of non-use (summer), I picked up the strap and it completely fell apart. Clean break on one side and hairline cracks on the either. Exact same spot as other people.