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Thoughts on selling Oculus games?

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I wanted to get your thoughts on selling a small game for the Oculus. I have released a free version of the game without Oculus support, and was considering releasing the Oculus version for $2-$3.

Does anyone here have any experience/stories of selling OR games?

Something I wasn't sure of was if people were even buying OR games? I figured $2-$3 is a small price to pay for someone who can afford an Oculus, but wasn't sure. Maybe it's a better plan to give away for free to get my name out there more?

The free version of the game has gotten decent coverage and has 6000+ downloads, which made me think an OR version has a chance to sell. It's been featured in PC Gamer, Rock Paper Shotgun,, and some others. If you're curious you can check it out here:

Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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If you've already released a free normal version, charging 2-3$ for the oculus version would be a bit of a ****move.
- smaller audience
- more fellow developers
- not optimized for VR

So you're pretty much asking more for less and if I'm reading between the lines a bit, you seem rather fresh on the market. You want your name in as many places as possible and with a positive ring to it. So don't get greedy now.

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I don't think there is anything wrong with selling your game, and I can understand wanting a return on your investment. However, if the game itself is free, it seems like charging just for VR support won't go over well with consumers.
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This might work well in an Appstore Environment (microsoft store App store, like an Addon maybe) but from a PC software view its not the same. For the record I don't use the MS Store to buy apps, let alone for Oculus Rift Apps but you'd be the first probably.

My two cents.

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Cool, good points there. I also hadn't considered that a high percentage of OR owners are developers. Maybe since this is my first game it's more valuable to simply get my game and name out there by releasing for free.

That's what I plan on doing with my project, I've been releasing free work-in-progress demos while the consumer version of the Oculus Rift is being finalized, but when the consumer version is out I plan on releasing it as a full game and (hopefully) make some money back on it.

is anyone buying OR games??? yup, I've bought several...only to find that support is either BS or support never went past the sdk that was current when released. Like Slender for example. Just do us all a favor and please don't put it on steam as a vr game if it doesn't support current vr gear. I personally wouldn't mind paying a little extra for an already existing game to be made rift compatible. It would be a dream if you happened to be the dev for rapala bass pro fishing hahaha, and were inquiring :roll:
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I have bought a few games just because they have VR support:

Among the Sleep. (DK1 ok, DK2 comming)
BlazeRush. (Excellent)
Euro Truck Simulator 2. (Broke my experience with latest update)
Lunar Flight. (Great)
Alien Isolation. (Not officially)

But they didn't cost more for VR support and I wouldn't buy them if they did. Also I am very careful as VR support can go on and off for a game with every new release, and if you charge extra for it then you are deeply committed making sure VR works all the time with every new release

Thoughts - well you have to think of the current userbase (100,000?) and how many of them will see it, and then how many of those will be willing to pay for it...There are other titles that people are paying for on OR - TIme Rifters, and many are buying Titles such as Elite Dangerous, Euro Truck etc etc for the Rift that they wouldnt otherise buy.

Im sure some will buy it, just a question in your mind if you want to sell less copies, or have a wider distribution of copies for free to get your name out there.

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If it's free, you could include a link to make a donation. I don't mind donating a few bucks for a demo I really liked, especially when you can tell the developer put in a lot of time and effort.