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Touch pre order "processing for shipping"

Honored Guest
Not sure if anyone else has had this, but this has been the status for the past 3 days. Is this something to do with just the courier having to pick it up?

Expert Trustee
I never actually received an email saying it had shipped, check your order status here:

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That's the page I'm referring to, been the same for 3 days now lol just didnt know if it was something to do with the courier or they are generally this slow with processing. 

When my earphones shipped, I received a shipment notification and when I logged on, the tracking number was available.  My controllers and two extra sensors are "processing" since Friday as well, so I'm waiting for the shipment notification emails as well.
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Yes my order has been sitting as "processing" since Friday and still no shipping info. It also charged my card Friday as well

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Well I'm guessing cyber took his comment down, only because I now have my tracking 😉 Anyone else just now getting theirs? 

Grand Champion
Sorry, I didn't want to confuse people. Processing can take as little as a few hours, or it could be a day or more depending on the situation. 
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No I understand, I figured the only reason it took as long as it did because it was over a weekend. I mean I more than happy to wait for the controllers, I'm just glad you all ship very fast!