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Townsmen VR to enter Early access today !

Expert Trustee
Townsmen VR:

Just saw this and noticed it´s almost ready for early access.
 This takes me back to my happy days with my Amiga 600 where I played endless hours of Settlers.
(Hell, I still have my Amiga, and it´s working! )

Seems like a game I could spend loads of hours with playing god myself.
Im looking forward as to where this is going. Developers want´s reaction from the community to tell  them where to take the game next.
 They should have a core mechanics all lined up, and from looking at the video it does look that way.
 They will be adding several more islands as well.

It even has voice interaction:
 Blow at the mills or the clouds to make it / them move faster.

Look´s good to me depending on price offcourse. That´s an whole other thing. They say they will raise the price the further they get into the whole build of the game, so maybe it does make sense to buy it early on.

Lets see what happens when it arrives later this month.

Be good, die great !

Expert Trustee
This game will enter early access today. In approximately 8hours.
It should cost $9.99, if im correct.

Be good, die great !