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TwinMotion 3D 360 exports (panoramas and videos) and Oculus Go

Level 2

I am looking to use Oculus Go to present 360 3D images (exported panoramas) for architectural design.

Twinmotion allows exporting of files as 360 3D, but when imported in Go and viewed in the Gallery app the files appear faulty and glitchy (almost as if there is no alignment between the two images that create the stereoscopic effect). Different export settings in TM did not change the outcome, and the Go headset works fine with other applications/files (in YouTube VR for example, 360 3D videos work just fine). Twinmotion 360 images (non 3D) also work fine when viewed in Go, the issue only arises with TwinMotion 360 3D images/videos.

Any suggestions on the above and the compatibility of 3d files exported from Twinmotion with Oculus Go would be welcome.

Thank you 

Level 3
Hi, I just got the quest2, do you kno if is it possible to load the bim motion inside it so I can show a cliente the project? Tanks