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USB C to Mini DisplayPort Adapter for Meta Quest 3 (Nvidia RTX 4000 ADA)

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I currently have an Nvidia RTX 4000 graphics card. It works great with my Meta Quest 3. I connect the Link cable to the USB C port on the graphics card. 
I’m considering updating my PC and the graphics card I’m looking at is an updated version - RTX 4000 ADA. This card does not have a USB C port. It has 4 x mini DisplayPorts. 
does the Link cable work with mini DisplayPort adapters or not? 

i emailed Meta and they came back to me with the below but I’m skeptical as this is a new graphics card that probably has not been tested. 

I may suggest you to have a convertor of USB C port to Display Port. However, it is not recommendable to use an extension but if it is not connected you may use an AirLink to connect your Meta Quest 3 to PCVR.

Answering your question, any graphic card with RTX 4000 series will always be compatible with your headset Meta Quest 3. You may click on this link on the requirements to use Meta Link.”



The Quest 3 has no understanding of DisplayPort. All it wants is pure USB data sent directly from the Quest app. An adapter for display port to usb wouldn't understand the data format required, and you couldn't send the tracking and controller data back to the PC through a display port.

Luckily a USB C port on the gfx card isn't needed, it's only being used as a regular port anyway (I connect a webcam or charge my phone using my 2080TI's USB port with the Oculus link cable). You can connect a Quest 3 to any USB 3 port on your computer, either USB-A or USB-C, as long as you have a good cable for it. The official Link cable is fibre optic to get better length, but you can get good USB-A to USB-C cables for Link from Amazon with an active repeater in them (to get to reliable 5m length).


(Geforces with USB did have a special mode for high quality VR direct output, but almost no headset ever supported it, and Meta never did. Sadly)



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