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Upgrade to Quest 3

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Does anyone yet know if we will be able to migrate our Quest 2 games if we buy a Quest 3, or do we have to buy all new copies? Thanks.


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I would say it's way too soon to say since such a device hasn't even been announced yet, but since game purchases are tied to your Meta account and not the headset itself, I would assume you'll be able to redownload all your bought games onto a "Quest 3."

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I'm going to stick my neck out... it would be very unlikely that the Quest 3 won't play your Quest 2 titles.

We may start to see a few games or apps appear after the Quest 3 launch that won't be playable on older headsets though, especially if they make heavy use of AR or the touted faster processor.

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This is an older question but my Quest 3 arrived and after setup and signing in, all my Quest 2 games appeared. 


u really seriously asking? on the ads it always mentioned backwards compatible, or u have not seen any of the ads? 


hey captainsnickerdoodle are you having issues with some games not starting and slow downloads? like onwards Wont start and grid legends crashes on start ,



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Hey, @DannyDieHard that's a pretty good question. You might want to go "get help" on forums and make a separate post for that, or contact support directly through their PMs. It could be something within the game, but if it's with the headset, I'm sure that they have some troubleshooting they can shoot your way.