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[ VIVE ] Techrader Review "HTC might have won the VR War..."

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HTC Vive might have won the VR war before it ever begun

SOURCE: ... s&attr=all

Said I wasn't going to make any more VIVE threads but this one's especially for Zoomie and pals who think they can throw their weight around a public forum and tell people (who are within the rules) what they can and can't do, or cast aspersions on their character, motives and employer. :roll:

Remember folks I'm posting this for FANS OF VIRTUAL REALITY in the GENERAL VR forum. This is not a post for deluded rift fanboys so please jog on if you are one of them.

But giving journalists a warning to avoid using derogatory language when talking about the Vive is like telling someone not to lick a coin you found on the street sidewalk: you don't need to be told not to do it and, more importantly, there's no way in hell you'd do it anyways.

Why? Because the HTC Vive is the best virtual reality headset on the market, bar none. (Apologies for using definitive language.)

Tracking is one-to-one; the field of view is perfectly natural; there's nary a screen tear or dropped frame when you're using the right equipment; movement feels natural; the controllers are best-in-class; and the experiences, the demos and the games available through SteamVR, simply blow the competitors away.

If you have the budget and the space for it, the HTC Vive is the best virtual reality experience bar none.

What I want, personally, is the best VR for the money. VR is way more than just a HMD. Palmer Luckey is acutely aware of this as is any GENUINE VR Fan. This is why I've been supporting vive more and more (even as a DK2 owner/user and former massive oculus supporter) and complaining about the lack of proper controls (or info.. and the stupid exclusives buying - not the funded stuff) over the past week.

And why should I care? Fact is aside from being very passionate about VR and wanting to see it done right as early as possible I'm not that bothered what this forum do or don't do. Having been on the end of some pretty shitty (Palmer Phrase) posts by supporting the Vive around here, and having also read far too many 'roomscale is shit' and 'motion controls are gimmicks' posts in reply to positive Vive news I feel it's important that all the lurkers , all the fence sitters and all the fans of VR in general get a fair overview of the state of VR in 2016, even on this forum as it has a lot of VR fanatics viewing it (not just die-hard rift fans with a sense of superiority).

SO anyway here's another Vive post, and another glowing one at that. Don't like it? skip the thread and don't buy VIVE nobody is forcing you. :roll:

I know they told me I can't give the Vive a rating but, if I could, it would be an 11 out of 10.

HTC created something amazing with the Vive, and that's been hugely refined with the latest – and what I can only assume is the final – iteration of the hardware.

It's more immersive than the competition thanks to the ability to walk around in the space, and the reduction of wires from the base stations and controllers is hugely welcome. Gaming using this, even with short demos, feels like the future, and I can't wait to try a more active game using these controllers.

It's a balancing act between performance, size, resolution and price, and HTC seems like it's exactly where it needs to be to deliver on all fronts.

Pure and simple, the HTC Vive Pre is awesome. Virtual reality is amazing. And while I signed a paper stopping me from giving you every detail, know that the Vive will be worth every penny of its $799/£689 pricetag when it comes out next month. (Sorry, not sorry.)
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You are flying pretty high - are you the forum-police?

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wow another attack from a vive fanboy on an oculus forum, no surprise there
wait its passive again wow man expected better from you, we already have enough attacks everywhere

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Im a highschool student with a part time job, ive spent the last two summers getting my PC as best as it could be. Im currently saving up for a car so i dont have extra money outside of this purchase to spend for VR. I have $630 saved up for VR right now. If your so passionate and enthusiastic about the VIVE and ranting about how obsolete the Rift is, then prove your loyalty and put your money where your mouth is by giving me the $200 difference and I will cancel my order for the Rift right now and get the VIVE. If not, then don't expect people's decision to change even if another HMD is slightly better. With the Rift I have time to slowly save up the cost for the controllers and the extra camera, I also have a small room so I don't need full room just yet even though I know the VIVE can do it, I just don't have the extra $200 to maybe, possibly use full room in the future. If you want though since you love the VIVE so much and think that people who still buy the Rift are just fan boys then give me the $200 and there will be one less Rift order.

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Oh, another one of these. Notice the lack of actual comparison.

To paraphrase... the Vive is better because it's an amazing experience.

I love orange juice. I have never had mango juice. Therefore orange juice is better because I love it.

Both products are amazeballs dudes.

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If winning the war means selling 1/10 the headsets and staging a bunch of wii/kinectish tech demos then SURE! They have won!

PassiveVR's whole purpose is to shitpost, im surprised he is still here..

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VR will be a niche.

Room scale - even more of a niche.

Screwing sensors to your walls or mounting them on stands with cables everywhere - extreme nicheness.

Having a cable guy to make sure...

Oh hang on, i've worked it out - the Vive was made for the Royal Family 😄

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i always enjoy when they say 'roomscale is the future'.

Ok great you have roomscale, very nice.. What else?
none of the so called 'tech testers' on the front line compare anything usefull to the general public.
Watching all the GDC videos on youtube, left me with more questions than answers, nothing gets shown no good footage and barely any decent and genuine views on a game. to a certain point i feel that even gamespot couldve done a better job.

So... You are here proclaiming that vive has won... how exactly let's see

1- roomscale: so you have the working lighthouse which does a decent job BUT hardly anyone speaks of the initial setup, the drifting in game of controllers, the menu 'bug'.. leaving information like that out definitly makes you win a war.
On the other side the Oculus Rift hasn't launched touch yet, it's safe to say they too expiremented with this kind of tracking with a camera system instead of lasers. untill that is out noone can conclude which is the better HMD.

2- On that note controllers: Vive comes with 2 controllers that do their job and are ergonomical to a good extent they are proven to be working. Rift will follow up with touch and people can decide which they like most. Personally i lean towards touch.

3- FOV: again a personal opinion. some will like it different than others and no spefications have been given yet.

then this "Tracking is one-to-one; the field of view is perfectly natural; there's nary a screen tear or dropped frame when you're using the right equipment; movement feels natural; the controllers are best-in-class; and the experiences, the demos and the games available through SteamVR, simply blow the competitors away."

that's what i call commercial BS. most of these points are standard things to have with a HMD or have nothing to do with the HMD but with the optimization of the game itself. Good job on the writer.

could spend way more time on this but got videos to watch and ginger ale to buy just in case.

Enjoy your vive but come with decent points next time you want to post a fanboy article.

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I've got the kid blocked, so I don't have to see his crap. You got to wonder though, why he feels so compelled to shit talk the Rift. He must be extremely insecure about the his purchase of the Vive. This pathological need to denigrate the competition is pretty pathetic. Kinda feel sorry for the little fella, kinda...
Oh well, maybe he will grow up one day, maybe not.
Meantime, the wait is down to less than double digits ! I wish I could go to sleep and wake up 1/2 hour before the Rift arrives at my doorstep - just enough time to shower and gobble down some Pop-Tarts.