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VIVE silm model?

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Has anyone else read this? It's possible a sleeker VIVE design is already in the works and slated for next year.
I doubt much internally would be changed but certainly improving upon a already good HMD is welcome.
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I would be very surprised if it was out before the end of the year, but it makes sense to continue R&D and to improve on their product based on feedback. 

Also they would probably want to generate some buzz and sales to cope with what is basically a second launch for the Rift with Touch.

However It would be pretty crummy for vive users to have their sets superseded (even if only in terms of size reduction) before even one year is up.

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I think this comment has people worried.


"This falls directly in line with the recent report that has surfaced, which claims a new HTC Vive could be released within the next 6-8 months. The device will sport a sleeker, slimmer, and more sporty profile, as well as upgraded internals. The report pegs the release at the tail end of 2016, or early 2017, but it’s likely HTC would want to get the unit out before the holiday period."

Apparently HTC had this sleeker version already developed but it wasn't ready for the retail launch. It will be interesting to see if HTC adopt the same "mobile phone" launch strategy people expect from phones where a new version is released every year. What's more if HTC  offer mobile phone like contracts for the Vive which would fit in with the mobile phone launch strategy especially if people can upgrade to newer versions within their contracts then the cost issue becomes less impacting. It seems to work for the market leader Gear VR, although admittedly people have far more use from the base phone than the actual Gear VR headset.

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So in essence they actually did rush to the market and now the sleeker version is almost ready for consumers. Personally i just don't think it's very nice to their customers. If i had bought a Vive and soon there after they bring out a new one i wouldn't be happy. Not when it's that close to the first version.

I always did think they rushed a Vive dev kit to market, this more or less confirms it.

I guess the next RIft will be more of a substantial upgrade rather than finishing the current product.
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IMO, the next Rift upgrade should have higher resolution and foveated rendering, nothing less.

But boss, it isn't ready yet - it looks ridiculous and is uncomfy as hell.

So what, it will sell like crazy because it's new and we'll just bring out the finished product once it's errrm... finished.
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i wonder what internals they are hint at if this is true?

Look, man. I only need to know one thing: where they are. 

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vannagirl said:

i wonder what internals they are hint at if this is true?

The next major breakthrough, you guessed it.  A 2nd depth camera on the back of your head!
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CV1 could do with a CV1.1 update too.