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VR Controllers are all Wrong

The VR experience doesn't need hand held controllers. It needs gauntlets. Remember the game Simon from back in the 1980's? Those should be the size of the buttons, and there should be huge buttons on your forarm front and back. There should be a button on the back of each of your hands. Each of your finger tips should have a small button that only activates when you touch them with your thumb tip. And then put the detection collars around the wrists. The controlers don't need colors or words on them or any fancy design, because you never see them while you're playing. You see them when you have the headset on, and the buttons should be huge with huge words written on them ingame to describe what each button is for. your quick buttons are then your fingertips. Your menus and such are the backs of your hands and two or three areas on your forearms, and you shouldn't have to hold onto any thing real to control the interface. If I want a steering wheel in my hands, I'm pick up a frisbee.

The current hardware for all of these games should be so much easier to use than they are. The controllers should be intuitive and obvious. And I volunteer to work for free and come and help whoever up there in the ivory towers of game controller makers wants my tireless help figuring out how to do this right. I'll pay to come help, that's how much I'm interested in moving this technology out of the middle ages and into something that makes any sense at all. I can't believe VR is still doing this. The industry needs to wake up.

I'm just saying the glove would work. If you had an index finger and thumb finger button, the button press would only register if both the index and thumb came together and depressed both buttons. That would leave both buttons open for other uses. Like index against the palm button would give you a sword in your hand. Or all four fingers on palm would give you your sword. That way all four need to engage to get your sword out. Thumb middle, ring, pinky, would draw a gun in your hand. Your index would be the barrel, and your thumb press against anything would pull the trigger. Index to thumb would reload the gun while in the gun grip pose. That's what I'm talking about. Then you would be remembering hand positions to get out items and use them rather than having stupid menus and and having to remember which button to press with your thumb or which finger while trying to not drop your controller.

So imagine your left hand being all rour finger buttons pressed on palm, and you get your Ironman shield. Now, with the shield engaged, you use your right hand to punch the inside of your shield arm. You hit one of those big buttons, and the shield sends out a shock wave that knocks down your attacker.

So you hold out your right arm, press index to thumb and shout fire ball. Then the fireball spell activates and mother%$%$#% get scorched. Dragon Ball Z!!!!!!

All controllers are like why!?!? is what i'm saying. Kids would freak the heck out if that kind of stuff were put to use. Then you could have so many awesome button combos. It would all be button combos to keep accidental button presses from going off. Plus, powerful attacks might require voice activation with button presses. People would be freaking the heck out for those kinds of things. That sounds awesome. That sounds intuitive and makes you feel like you are a real mage or armored Tony Stark or whatever. The current scheme makes you feel like you're playing a video game while looking around in 3D. It is so lame compared to what it could be.

Oculus has developed hand tracking for the Oculus Quest, but only a few apps/games use it, so it doesn’t do much right now. I’m sure there’s more apps being developed for it though. It’s like the gloves used for full body tracking, except you don’t need gloves. It’s still a bit glitchy, with your hands disappearing every once in a while, but I think it’ll be improved. And it does match your description.

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Sorry if I may... One thing hand tracking will have one big benefit for is sign language. Something I dont think about offten - but all in all - if it can track well then it could be a BIG win for people that can not talk and need to sign their words. While it might not still never take off  as a controller as I said above, I could still see hand tracking being very useful for different reasons. For more information: