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VR Demo from 2016

In winter 2016 I went to the facebook VR demo tour in Bryant Park, NYC. After they placed the headset on me, they played an experience that started in space, then went to other places like the jungle with dinosaurs, a boat on the river with hippos, a basketball court and some other things I can't recall right now. Does anyone know if that same experience exists anywhere that I could download it for the Quest? I sure would love to have it. It sold me on VR and I would love to play it for others.

Yes, I have it on my Quest. It is called "introduction to virtual reality" from Samsung and Oculus. I got it when they let us download some Gear VR apps that were previously purchased. No sure how you are seeing it in your Quest app, but in the upper left corner of my window when library is selected. I have to click on Quest and change it to Go/Gear VR to view it. Not sure if it's still possible to download Go/Gear VR apps to the Quest, but all those were just clips from other apps. You can see the full dinosaur clip by downloading Jurassic world and Apatosaurus within the app. The other clips are viewable in the Samsung VR video app 
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