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VR FLOOR MATS? Dumb or useful?

Level 13

Does it make sense to have a vr mat for orientation?



or would it just be 50 dollars down the drain.


Level 9

I'm seeing $80 on amazon prime. Doesn't seem practical to me, possibly because I don't play beat sabre but I don't see the logic since the guardian has us covered.


 Cushioned for long periods of gaming. Possibly for the competitive Beat Sabre it would get some use, but looks like it would be easy to accidently step off the back and side corners. Where would one store that thing?


 If one was given to me, I'm pretty sure it would not be long before it ended up in a landfill if I couldn't recycle it. 

I think I'll have to vote absolutely ludicrous.   

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Level 15

I bought a regular floor mat years ago to help with VR. It's a great way to help keep your body oriented in your room.

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Volunteer Moderator

Yeah, I use an anti-fatigue mat if I’m playing in my office (standing room only). Comfy to stand on, and keeps me centred and facing front so I’m not constantly triggering my Guardian or whacking my controllers into the walls. I wouldn’t pay $50 or $80 for this funny looking thing, though.

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Level 7

For orientation no, but an anti fatigue mat like nalex mentioned it makes all the difference.  Even a cheap one from home depot can mean the difference between sore feet after half an hour to sore feet after 2 hours.

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