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VR Fitness Series Week 3 - Knockout League

Heroic Explorer

Well we made it through week 2 and we are now into week 3 of the VR fitness series. Week 2 got a bit rough when life happened and we had one of the kids come down with the Flu and then of course there was Valentines day and the dreaded cupcake incident of which we will never speak of again! But overall even with a few distractions and stumbles we both managed to loose weight. So for week 3 we will be playing Knockout League. This game just came out of early access and the developers have added so much to it. There are many more fighters, a nice graphics overhaul and some new abilities. Stacey is a bit apprehensive about playing this one but she is going to give it her best shot. So that's it for this week... We will be back next week with a new game and the results of week 3.

** - At one point in the video we mention that 5lbs of muscle is around the same size as 5lbs of fat. After doing a bit more research this might not be true. So if you know please tell us in the comments below.
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Glad that's come out of Early Access, I bought it ages ago but have been waiting for the final release before I play it. 🙂

Yes I can be a brat.  LOL!!!