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VR Fitness Series Week 4 - Holopoint

Heroic Explorer

So here we are starting week 4 of the VR Fitness Series and I'm glad week 3 is in the books. I ended up getting the Flu and could only work out 2 days this week because of it. I am proud of Stacey though as she really embraced Knockout League and actually grew to like the game even though she was pretty much dead set that she wouldn't. Overall we both really thought that Knockout League gave a great workout and the results showed it as we both lost weight again this week.

So for week 4 we have decided to try out Holopoint. We read a great review of this one over on VR Fitness Insider and saw that it was also ranked #2 in their Top 10 VR Fitness games article. After playing it a few times we both agree that it is one hell of a workout! The game although being pretty basic gets really intense and gives both an uper body and somwhat of a lower body workout due to the ducking and bending involved. Our only issue with Holopoint is that it was deffinitely a Vive game and unfortunately even though it seemed to have native Oculus support, the Touch controllers had to be held at a strange angle and this made the bow shotting feel really innacurate and uncomfortable.

So that's it for this week but we will be back next week for our 1 month recap and a new game to start week 5.
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