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VR HMD for business. Released and cheap.

Level 9
- no controller bundled
- no audio integrated
- no additional hardware
- available now in production quantities
- for mass market
- and cheap

That is Gear VR! 😛

- Is it not so good as CV1?
- But it is cheap, mass product and ready to buy in any quantities. Cheap will be not be same as CV1.

- Have it not enough processing power?
- But you could pre-render 3D animations in cloud or on PC and send 2D sprite animation into GearVR (esp. for defined camera path movement like roll-coaster or solar space demo )

- Need something more like DK2 for PC?
- But you already have DK2!

- Is it not for business?
- But there are other VeiRd Devices (DK2 compatible). And will come more.

That was joking 🙂
But why you will not consider Gear VR as a primary business device for now?

Level 8
It is not so good as CV1

Level 3
- But you already have DK2!

I do not. A polished DK2 with CV1 look and ergonomics would actually be a very nice lower-mid grade option, but I can understand Oculus wanting to stop using off the shelf parts and to avoid fragmenting the market.