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VR as cure for vertigo and a path to get VR sea legs in a quick time

Honored Guest

I have two topics that may be a little related.

I suffer from vertigo in a bad way (cannot stand in my balcony at fourth floor) and I was wonder if there are some apps/games that can be used to fight this fear in the real life.
I read this BBC article (3 years ago) and I would like to know if there is something new about this kind of research.

Motion sickness
I also suffer motion sickness from VR, in real life I just suffer spinning stuff and few videogames.
Anyway it is getting better (I am trying to make little steps everyday with my Oculus Quest and eating ginger ;)), but I was wondering if there is a suggested path to follow (from Oculus or experts) in order to getting better and getting sea legs in a quick time.

In general it would be great if Oculus and other big companies would provide some kind of tools/apps/games that could drive the newcomers in these topics, AFAIK a lot of people is repelled by VR because of motion sickness or vertigo, so these are important topics.

Thank you


Expert Trustee
For vertigo you can try these two Which is 15$

For the VR legs uou kind of just have to het through  it.
I bought these when a fprum member auggeated em they helped but now I just buy em cause I liked em.


Honored Guest
Nice, I will give a try even if it is more a minigame than a psychological tool.
I am looking for something that stress my vertigo in different situations with a less cartoony graphics (so maybe it would need a PC with Quest connected via Link), but anyway this could be a start!

Thanks also for the ginger chew suggestion  😉