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VR connect to Xbox one

Honored Guest
Dear friends
- kindly can i know which best recommended VR device supported Xbox one?
-Is VR should connect to console/smart phone? or i can buy VR with built in console?

thanks in advance for support


Heroic Explorer
There is no supported VR device for the Xbox One, and no VR games at all. Microsoft and Oculus have a partnership of sorts, but that seems to be resulting only in "stream flat-screen X1 games to a PC and view in a Rift on the PC" rather than "plug the Rift into the X1". 

There are various ways to get a flat-screen HDMI output into various VR HMDs as a "big screen" cinema view, but not actual VR. Most of the cheap VR HMDs popping up on the market will support that directly. But there's no actual VR for the X1.