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Vanishing Realms - standing room scale and sitting

Level 2
I think this is best launch title for Vive (don't know if this is coming for Rift).
It seems that this game was created by 1 person within 8 months (D&D fan). Imagine AAA studio working on it and how this would look like/work (Skyrim graphics I guess). It seems that BLINK transportation mixed with Roomscale fight mechanics works. 
Fight mechanics seems to be great : monsters adapt to fighting style, learn and as effect you have to adapt and execute smart strategies. (if you just try to use elbow enemy will eventually block all arrows with shield so you have to mix strategies). 

I also found someone playing this just sitting so I guesss it may be ported to Rift eventually but not sure.

(start watching for 2:00)

Level 2
uhh don't know how to edit posts in this new forum. I wanted to post it under "Vive reviews"

Level 7
I think is tecnically not coming for rift, but once we have touch, since you can use steam VR with both devices, i'm going to play it no matter what 😛 

Level 5
Looks amazing.  I can't wait to play it.