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WHERE are the 3d Movies?

Level 3
When are the 3d movies for the Theaters? There are very few now available in the video section or is there another way to load and watch3D ?
This was a BIG draw for me to this VR


Level 15
There are lots of 3D movies on Blu-Ray but I'm not sure there is a way to play them directly. There are a bunch of VR video apps that can play SBS files, but you'll have to rip the Blu-Ray yourself.
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Level 8
I used to watch a lot of Blu-ray 3D movies on my PS4 with a 3D monitor. I found a website that features most of the ones I own, so I simply downloaded the ones I own and now I can watch them in Virtual Desktop or Bigscreen beta.
I never had much luck trying to rip the DVD's directly.
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Level 5
Just go Youtube - watch/download 3D trailers (sbs). If you like a trailer, go torrent.

Level 3
Thanks for the replies!