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Wait for Pimax Crystal Light or get quest 3?

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So i have a quest 2 wich i have been using only for pc vr trough virtual desktop. What really anois me is the compresion . I don't know what everyone is sayng like they don't notice it. And i have good wifi the prism xr pupis s1. Also the hoghets latency in VD is the decoding so thats why I've been considering the quest 3. But I'm also interested in the pimax crystal light because it has higher resolution and native display port. (I really don't mind the wire)

Oooh, this is difficult.  Difficult for me because I don't like saying bad things about other products but Pimax users have had so many issues over the years - delays and software config the main things whereas for the vast majority of people the Quests just work (apologies to those who still have Link issues).

With a Quest 3 and good network and PC the image should be stunning and rock solid.  Are you following best practices:
Have your PC connected to a router/access point via Ethernet cable
Headset should be connected to Wi-Fi via 5 GHz band (AC or AX)
Router in the same room as the headset or in line of sight, and at least 1 m off the ground
Air Link works best with non-mesh network configuration

And what are your PC specs (do you have a 4080+?


Big PC, all the headsets, now using Quest 3

This is maybe the first Pimax that I'm excited about.

I wouldn't pre-order though for the reasons @Hiro_Protag0nist says, I'd definitely wait for regular (non-youtuber) user reviews before making a decision, especially those who have both headsets to compare. Maybe spend a bit of time on the Pimax forum too, seems like a pretty decent forum.

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Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

I might be a bit biased but I'd definitely recommend the Quest 3. I've had such a fun time with it so far. 

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