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Walkabout Mini Golf Tournament - With Prizes!

Hello all forum members.  You are invited to take part in a Walkabout Mini Golf competition where you can have some fun, get to know some of the other forum users and have the chance of winning a prize.

If you would like to take part please just say so in a reply to this post.  In 7 days time I'll add the names to the board on and then I'll post on here who is playing who in the first round - you will be able to follow progress on (I'll post the proper link later on).

It will be up to you to contact the person you are drawn against and arrange a time to play them within 4 days of each round starting - post the result here (preferably with a screenshot of the scoreboard) - winner moves on to the next round until we eventually have our champion.

We will decide which course to play on each round.  The game costs around £10/$10 on the store so if you don't have it yet, it won't break the bank and it's super easy to play.

The Meta forum staff have arranged some great prizes for the winner and runner-up.


More details will follow soon.  I look forward to seeing some of you out there!



Yes Please!

I'm taking all of ya'll down  😋

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Nice! I would be down to see the community getting together! 

We are all mad here.


I’m in!!!

DK2, CV1, Go, Quest, Quest 2, Quest 3.

Try my game: Cyclops Island Demo


I'll have a go! (I'm rubbish!!)

Quest 2 and 3 PCVR

Don't be shy everyone!

The prizes will be game codes - you can choose from (winner chooses first, second place chooses from the rest):

1: Yupitergrad 2
2: Operation Wolf VR
3: Another Fisherman’s Tale
4: Breachers
5: Block Buster VR

Woah! There is a new Fisherman's Tale game that was released?? I missed this! I loved the first one  🙂

Yes, fisherman's tale was brilliant wasn't it! The new one is still at launch price, I think I only paid just over a pound for the first one 😏🤣

Quest 2 and 3 PCVR

Omg I love this GAME! So trippy! I did not know there was a second one! 

We are all mad here.