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Want to buy an Oculus Quest but comfort is putting me off. Also a question about Wifi streaming.

Level 15
I want to purchase an Oculus Quest, but I'm not willing to spend money, if I then have to purchase a HTC headband for $100 just to make it less front heavy. Comfort in a headset is a big thing for me, so why doesn't Oculus make something instead of having to purchase a $100 HTC headband? Can you also stream to the Quest if you purchase one of those plugs that boost you Wifi connection?
Might pick one up if it goes on sale on Black Friday because that would help towards paying for the HTC headband. Anyone know if there is something in the UK like a halo design I think I saw in one post, but can find it now? I'm sure it was a lot cheaper then the HTC headband too.

Level 2
same here ... I was interested in the quest but having to buy an aftermarket accessory to make it comfortable is unacceptable.

I'll pull the trigger on buying one when they fix that issue ...

Level 7
I don’t have any extra aftermarket strap, and I think it’s plenty comfortable out of the box. To each their own, but it’s sat well for me, and I have a larger hat size. I also wouldn’t expect any Black Friday Quest sales, it looks like the Ridt discount is it on that front.