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What do you think about the XREAL Air 2 Ultra (and Beam Pro)

Anybody have any nreal/xreal products?  Thought I'd bring them to everybody's attention.  Hopefully we're going to enter the AR era next year!!

So I've had my eye on this company since they brought out the nreal Light glasses (xreal used to be named nreal) but never pulled the trigger because of how immature AR was and the FOV is so low on all AR glasses (that I know of).

Their most recent glasses Air and Air 2 have had rave reviews, most people saying they are fantastic when paired with consoles.

They do always have to be tethered (another downside) but they are about to release their most premium glasses yet - the Air 2 Ultra and a new compute-unit has been leaked - the Beam Pro and it's this pairing that has got my interest the most although I think we're looking at £1000 for the pair.  The Beam Pro looks like it does spatial video but why didn't they space the cameras even more?  What a wasted opportunity!




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