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What's the Best B4$ Hackintosh spec that will get to CV1

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So straight up, i'm a Mac guy who doesn't love PC's but respects the great work that they do. I'm looking to build a Hackintosh that will let me dual boot Win/OSX and is ideally optimised for the potential spec for CV1 whilst still having some left in the tank to do 360 video and unity development. I still need to run OSX for my work stuff so Win will be almost exclusively for Rifting.

I haven't built a PC since a Pentium III back in the days so i'm not really across the brands, boards and cards that make up a modern gaming/vr/dev rig.

Like everyone, i'm looking for the best bang for buck spec machine. Am based in Australia which limits the availability of some components (from what I understand).

I'd be keen to get your opinions on the what sort of spec would be fair. "Finger in the air" budget of $2k USD or ($2.5k AUD). pls be kind, thx! 😉

If you want the best bang for the buck:

1) Wait for the CV1 release date to be announced.

2) Wait until as close to the CV1 release date to spec/build out your PC.

3) Visit tonymacx86 to get the latest compatibility list.

If you need something now that will handle CV1, I don't think you're going to get away with anything less than a 4790K and a GTX 980 (which you could build for <$2K in the US), however by the time CV1 rolls around, presumably you'd be able to get a faster Skylake CPU, DDR4 RAM, and a faster video card (potentially much faster, if AMD's 20nm R300 line is any good) for the same amount of cash.

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Thanks @lhl
Good counsel