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What’s the best 360/VR camera right now to start using as a normal camera substitute?

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Thesis being that I want to start saving my memories in a VR compatible format to relive in 5-10 years when VR tech becomes life like. Also to gift to non-technical family members so when they get old and can’t move anymore, they can relive young memories. Maybe a point and shoot ease of use equivalent?

*want it to be able to recreate memories as scenes I can walk around in



Wow, I came on to post about 3d video just 15 minutes ago but didn't look at the board first.

I think there's a possible issue with that last line, depending on what you mean.  If you record video, whether 360 or VR (3D?) - it will be video, not really a space that you or the viewer can walk around in.

Of the consumer cameras, an excellent simple 360 camera is the Insta360 One RS - fantastic image.  Costs about £800.  The most widely used by consumers is their One X3 - it's about half the price.

Going up in price is the CALF VR180 camera - about £1,500.

If you haven't already, look up Hugh Hou on youtube for reviews of cameras, tutorials and inspiration.


To be able to move around in them, you need more than just a 360 panorama, you need photogrammetry of a location to build a 3d model.

Matterport can take multiple 360 panoramas from around a room and build a 3D scan from it. Although it takes a long time to generate. It's got built in compatibility with Insta360 cameras too (I've got an Insta360 X3, it's cool).


For basic 180 degree stereo (images or video) you can get a stereo fisheye lens from Canon for the EOS R5 and R6. Shame it doesn't fit the 5D Mark III (which I have).


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