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What's the big deal with Facebook account needed to use (some apps on) Oculus? Why people hate this

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In this thread I´d like to face the fact that many people don´t want to use Oculus as they need a Facebook account. I will list some advantages of having a FB account connected in vr, and an (obvious) solution for those who don´t want to link their personal FB account with Oculus. There might be also downsides of the Facebook integration in an overall independent and complete Oculus platform that could survive maybe without the Zuckerberg's hand on it. Let's discuss this. 
(yes, I edited the intro to be more clear in what I wanted to express, this is the point I wanted to discuss with you). 
Let's talk about Oculus headsets and the privacy. I'd like to point out that I am not a FB fan, I only want to know your point of view, as I understood that this is a widely discussed question. 
The whole deal was to connect with your friends you already have on Facebook, in order to have someone to share your virtual experiences, apps and games with. I see no deal with this, since I myself have a Facebook account. Lately Facebook added through new firmware updates additional functions, so now you can message, chat, call and share directly with your Facebook friends. Also, Facebook Horizon is coming, and it will be a whole new level of social life.

Still, I understand that a lot of people don´t fancy the social world. I´m not a great fan of it either, as I value my privacy and don´t share my private life on these channels. I even cancelled myself from FB in the past as I didn´t see it as a necessary implementation to my life. Then I reactivated it to promote my activities and it helped actually 🙂 

It´s obvious, that every vr headset producer will ask you to log-in or create an account in order to link you with their services, to merge it with your information and to offer you a better experience. Facebook is asking for a FB account, HTC Vive and Sony will have an admission of their own, too.

I personally found a great advantage of having a FB account connected with my Oculus, because it was easy to find right away someone from my trusted contacts who also had an Oculus and we could try some apps together. Doing it alone is sometimes very boring and not the point.

With that being said - for all those who don´t want to be obliged to have a FB account to use Oculus, don´t worry. Just create a new FB account, with a name and picture you prefer, that you will use on your Oculus just for that purpose. There you can still add friends who have Oculus and you can share the experience together. It can be your secondary FB account that no one will have access to, just you and the people you want. I really don´t see such a bid deal with it. You don´t have to post there anything, no phone number, no photos, no posts. It´s your life and your privacy and that´s understandable.

It would be a pity if just this reason stopped you from discovering the amazing world of VR.
What is your opinion about it - do you agree or disagree with Facebook wanting your account connected in order to use Oculus?

P.S.: I edited the part about Xiaomi as it was not an exact and detailed information, it was not the point of the thread, so don't stick to that). I also edited the title of the thread a tiny little bit to be more clear. 

Thank you Everyone for posting your opinion! 

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After linking of Facebook accounts became a requirement for online features, 0 of my friends linked their accounts. 

I have no clue of the larger numbers, but I’m willing to bet a lot of people did not create or link Facebook accounts, so in my mind this has been a failure. All it is doing is splitting people up, and that is never a good idea. 

I could argue for one side or the other, but if users are refusing to use your service because of Facebook, I would say that isn’t a good way to improve your business. 

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So many people on Facebook who are active today claim that they don't want to use Facebook. Using Facebook to say you don't want to use Facebook isn't going to hurt Facebook.

A smart business listens to the numbers (economic and financial indicators), not the online complainers. If businesses listened to forum posts and centered strategies around that, then what a great way to waterslide their way in to bankruptcy.

Just look at how many new Oculus accounts are created on this forum every week. For every 1 person saying that they won't use an Oculus product due to Facebook, there's 100 more new users. That's just good business right there.