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When someone invites you to a party/meet up/whatever?

 I was playing Raw Data last night and in between levels and I saw the messages flash on the corner of my view that I had been invited to some kind of meet up or whatever it’s called. Usually, when I see this message it seems to happen when I am in the middle of a new game that I am trying out for the first time and that I don’t want to interrupt, but this time it came up at just the right time. But then I realized I don’t know how to respond to these messages.

 You can see your friends list in three ways – on the main screen, when you click on the “friends“ button and in the “spheres“ that let you visit their homes.  The friends list shows a telephone handset icon next to each name that lets you try to contact them, right? Notifications didn’t show any invites. So how do you respond when you are invited to something? 

Expert Consultant
I didn't even know it let you know someone was trying to invite you into a party.  When my brother and I get on, we have to text each other that one is sending the other a party invite.  Then we hit the oculus button in whatever game we're in and click on the notifications icon (I think it's the lightening bolt) and that's where we always find the Party invite.

I think they could seriously work on the Party feature, it should notify you when someone wants you to join which apparently is happening sometimes for you and never for me.

It might just be somebody testing out the feature who doesn’t know how it works any more than I do! 😕