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When will Facebook decide to ship to the rest of the world?

Level 3
Why only to 23 countries currently?

When will they open up to the rest of the world? And if they ever will know...things like nuclear winter or solar flares make all this tech frolicsomeness obsolete anyway.

And why is it that Facebook, such a large company, not offering Oculus products to other countries? HTC, Index, and other companies all "officially" ship to many countries. Their prices are high right now due to all the shenanigans of import/export customs duties whatever, but at least it is possible to buy and receive the product officially. To buy Rift, one has to undertake so many risks, if it is possible at all.

I understand Rift/Quest isn't like other generic tech products and manufacturing+shipping+legality may be complicated, but it has been so many years now since the launch of Rift. Kickstarter was in 2012, the Facebook acquisition was in 2014, CV 1 came in 2016. It's 2020 now. Please, allow other countries to jump into this VR bandwagon.

Level 3
i guess you can buy the quest from amazon or other sites like that in the countries where oculus doesnt ship, i know its A LOT more expensive than on the oofficial site but still theres an option