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When will the Youtube app support Mixed Reality?


I was disappointed that on launch the Quest 3 has a lack of apps, outside gaming, that support Mixed Reality.

The YouTube app seems a no-brainer to me for MR support, like wise the Netflix and Prime Video app, yet there is no word on development plans from any of these companies.

Don't they all realise we are using the Meta Browser instead of their apps because it's a better experience? YouTube in the meta browser can also display a higher resolution!

What's the deal? Why so little development for any of these apps?


I've just added a review and asked for this.

I'm surprised it hasn't been added before now because of the Quest Pro.  It really was a no-brainer.

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The Netflix app hasn't had an update in a loooong time, same with Prime unless I've missed something.

These companies seem to have done the minimum needed to enable their content to be accessible on the Quest, and that's about it.

A mixed reality Netflix/Prime/Youtube viewing screen would be a good step to take now we have the Quest 3.

It's worth noting though that Skybox has now added Youtube support to its app, and that has a rudimentary mixed reality mode. You can't anchor the screen to your wall for example, it kind or just floats where you drag it.

These are all 3D apps so you can't have multiple apps running, maybe to make things useful, the answer is for Meta to have one browser window act as a media viewing screen with common content provider shortcuts on it and have that screen anchorable to a wall if you like.

You can't currently view Netflix via the Quest browser (not sure about Prime right now) so this would definitely need a little work from Meta. Maybe the providers will start to do a little more to develop their apps but that hasn't really happened so far... or perhaps Skybox will add Netflix and Prime at some point.

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It’s now supported on the Youtube App, but it’s kind a limited running in MR.
Think it’s better to use it in Bigscreen in a virtual room/environment!



Yes I saw that the other day, and meant to post here. There is now a TAB function on the Youtube app that allows for MR. As you say, it's not a brilliant advancement, but it's a step in the right direction.