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Where is v28 for Quest 2??


My Oculus PC software merrily updated to v28, but my Quest 2 is still v27. Why is it being hyped all over, and why do they release version patch notes if the update isn't going out to everyone? 

And if this a problem on my do I fix it?



I would say that its just not available.  Oculus must have an issue rolling it out or they found a last minute bug that they are trying fix before release.   Oculus dropped the ball on this one.
If you google it you will see that no one has it.  Otherwise there would be tons of 'reviews' and 'hands-on' video's all over the place.  

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On the other hand, not everyone who uses VR posts about it online or regularly browses forums. It could be that it's been partly rolled out, but the people with the update haven't felt the need to comment on it online.


EDIT: Proof that some people HAVE gotten the V28 update...

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