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Which VR HMD will you choose pool 5000 votes

Level 2
pool form Road to vr:
Since pool iOS 4 days old I think that now Playstation VR would be leading. ?

Level 2
I would take this poll with a grain of salt. The link to it was posted/shared to VR-heavy communities on the web, and folks discovered they were able to vote multiple times just by refreshing the page. *shrug*

Level 2
So this pool is invalid you say? I like the result
suggesting that price doesn’t really matter – much more important is expected


Another thing I have noticed – lots of VIVE buyers are DK2
owners that found that DK2 collects dust because without VR controllers VR
looses its appeal.


But difference between ViVE and RIFt in this pools is quite
small -  the best scenario for players will
be that both headsets succeed.

Level 8
This is a small sample of people who have ordered a VR headset, so the overall numbers could be very different. Also factoring in as someone said that you could vote multiple times in the poll makes it even more inaccurate.

Not applicable
If you could vote multiple times on it just by refreshing, it'd trust it about as much as I'd trust a hungry crocodile who asked me to put head in his mouth to see if he had something stuck between his teeth...