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Why I decided to pass on the DK2.

Hey all,

So, I *think* I'm going to pass on the DK2 for a few reasons. I still really want one, and this is an incredibly tough decision, but I feel like if I write it out I'll be more okay with it. πŸ˜‰

First, as all reports indicate, C1 *should* closely follow DK2. I'm hoping if everyone gets their new kits around June/July, then hopefully by September/October they'll open up preorders for C1. That's pure speculation on my part, but I don't imagine it'll be much longer than that.

Secondly, C1 should have screen/latency improvements over DK2, so unless I'm willing to buy both (which I'm still about to do!), I'd be buying C1 again hopefully before the year is out.

Third, as someone who isn't seriously into development (I've made a few things, but nothing to write home about), I imagine it's going to be a minor mess at people try to figure out which demos are updated to DK2's SDK with motion tracking and whatnot. Everyone will have to wait for implementation from each developer, so it'll be a little bit before everything is updated.

Fourth, I can take that 350$ and invest it in a second 780Ti when C1 does release.

Thoughts? Anyone else debating holding out? I know it's different if you're seriously developing, and if money isn't really an issue, but I'm trying *really* hard not to throw my wallet at the screen still. πŸ˜‰

Anyways, I'm *super* excited to hear more about DK2 and everyone's impressions!

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Skipping DK2. Rather spend the cash on a new graphics card as I'm still running a 6870x2.

While it is killing me - I am in the same boat as you. I will be passing on the DK2 in anticipation for the C1 release. With the recent announcement of the Morpheus release for PS4, I will be grabbing one of these for console use and a CV1 for PC use πŸ˜›

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Well I preordered one but am also still contemplating cancelling the preorder. I am still holding onto it, because I don`t have DK1, I am dying to get my hand on one of these things, I was probably one of the first who preordered it so I should get it pretty fast and there is no way of knowing, when the CV actually comes out. I am fully expecting them to plan to get it out before christmas 2014 - but delays are very possible.

And in the end I still believe I will be able to sell Dk2 and don`t "lose" too much money, when CV is announced. So I am still holding on to my preorder, but I am still not 100% sure.

Haha, yeah, that's the other thing. If I order now, I'm probably so far down the queue I'll get it when C1 is announced! πŸ˜‰

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i buy it. If i have DK1 sure i will wait.

i haven't a powerfull machine and not want buy a expensive GF and computer this year, for try some demos and check what VR can do, perhaps begin a small project, i think DK2 will be enough.

i not going to buy CV1 when they released. Perhaps later in 2015. Too many things have to change for the consumer versiΓ³n be a consumer product near in the future (next one or two years).

CV1 for gamming and having to buy a expensive computer for try some games next year?. Not for me yet.

(excuse my english)
PD: yes my english its bad i known i5-4570 - Shaphire r9-290, win10-64

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Waiting, I think E3 we'll probably get an announcement of a 2014 holidays release which might be why this time they're so adamant this is just for developers so that in 2-3 months people aren't like "wtf, why didn't you tell us cv1 is out this year!"

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Getting DK2.

For one I am actively learning development for Unity and now am thinking about UDK with the new 20$ a month offering.

But also this, Oculus folks are being awful cagey about a 2014 release. My bet is on a 1st quarter 2015 release. I respect what they are doing. They are waiting for the availability of the right components for CV1 and some launch games, some announced and (a guess on my part) some not. I think this all coalesces early next year. Now they may make Christmas this year. With the way VR will be adopted, starting it off at the beginning of next year will just mean that by Christmas 2015 the early adopters will be driving it as the hot new gadget for Christmas. They'd pretty much have to start announcing CV1 by the end of the 2nd quarter if they wanted to push Christmas sales this year to a mass market. If it is going to stay niche for a while then it doesn't matter either-way. But I strongly believe the 75$ Mil infusion was for a mass market push, not a niche one.
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you guys should just order it, the shiping speed of oculus increased soooo much

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I'll pass on DK2. I reeeeeeally want one, but I have two reasons why I'll wait.
1. CV1 will probably be released only few months after DK2 (hopefully still this year)
2. I really want to experience the big quality gap between DK1 and CV1. I feel, if I'll get DK2 now, it will be less mindblowing when CV1 finally comes. I bought DK1 because I couldn't wait to get a taste of what VR feels like. Now I want the real thing- no shortcuts! πŸ™‚