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Why are so many PCVR headsets either as expensive or more expensive than standalone ones?

Honored Guest
The way I understand it is that PCVR headsets can be summed up as fancy monitors you strap to your face. Stand-alone headsets are basically the same thing except they also contain all the other **bleep** to run the games which I thought would make them more expensive. It's like buying a **bleep**ty computer and a VR headset then cramming them together.
From what I've heard the quest 3 has pretty good lenses and displays but it lacks OLED, so is OLED what makes PCVR headsets more expensive? Is that why Meta has avoided using OLED? To keep prices low?

It's quite simple (and been answered several times on your Reddit reposts). Standlaone headsets are tied to app stores and the makers are relying on income from those stores so sell the hardware at or below cost price to stimulate the market.

PCVR headset makers (apart from Valve) do not have those app stores so they must sell profitable headsets, which means higher sale prices.