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Why can’t I get the new UI, it looks so cool and I am dying to get it

Level 2

I’ve been trying to get the new UI for the oculus quest 2, my 2nd week of trying. Any help on how to get it, or do you need a quest pro to have the new UI?

(not my picture)



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey XIOP1300! We understand you have been trying to upgrade to the new interface. Unfortunately at this time, the UI that you are requesting is only available for the Quest Pro. We do hope this has answered your question.

Ok, thanks. But I have seen YouTube videos with the quest 2 controller with the new ui. I also have a picture from meta. Thanks for the support!


Community Manager
Community Manager

How's it going @XIOP1300! We understand how excited you are for the new UI, we're pretty stoked too! As previously mentioned, the new interface is only for the Meta Quest Pro at this time. We currently do not have any exact time frames for when that interface will be available to Meta Quest 2 customers. Please keep an eye out for any possible roll outs in the future!

😥Meta support members don't know that Quest2 users are getting the UI... I have the UI on Quest2, too.

How do you get it, please tell me. I would be so happy. I’ve been updating my oculus for 1+ month and don’t have it.

I did nothing. It's just a "roll out" feature. So timing is different. Frustrating, though. 😑

Level 3

Recently purchased a Quest 2 (two of them) and replaced my Rift-S and both have exactly that interface really, got the Resident Evil bundle. Having not used a Quest before I am not sure how the interface used to be.