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Why does Meta's global release policy remind me of Nintendo and Sega of the 1990-ies?

Honored Guest

I remember when I was young, videogames that where released in the US or Japan would take ages to come to Europe. Sometimes even longer then a year. The term "global release" didn't exist. 

Then Sony Playstation happened, and Xbox and the increased competition changed the market because companies started realizing that consumers would simply switch to a competitor if they had to wait to long. Since the 2000's basically every major game gets a global release and you can play the product the same day regardless of where you are. 

Now it is 2024 and I just bought the Meta Quest 3. For gaming yes, but also for the hyped Horizon worlds and in particular for fitness apps. 

So to my shock, years after its release Horizon Worlds is not available in The Netherlands? Why? What's up Sir Zuckersmuck? Do you really not want this to be a success? 

And then Supernatural, the most popular fitness app. Not available in Europe? Are you insane? How long do you think Nintendo will wait to release the newest version of their Wii Fit or as its now called Nintendo Sports in Europe? The answer is they don't wait, they release it  globally instantly.

It's not like Meta needs to open physical shops, they can just put it in their stores. Why these stupid delays? 

Google did the same with their Pixel phones. The Nexus phones used to be quite popular in The Netherlands, but they didn't release the Pixel phones in half of Europe until the last one, the Pixel 8. Guess how many people I have seen with a pixel phone in the Netherlands. 0. No one in the Netherlands has bought this phone because they lost their potential consumers to Samsung and Apple. 

When can we expect Meta to wise up? Do they need to truly face life threatening competition before they will finally consider their international clients seriously and globally release their most important products?