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Why hasnt Meta/Oculus killed off their PCVR subsidary at this point?


I mean no ill will with this post, I have been a long time Meta/oculus user and supporter, but why hasnt Meta killed their PCVR software yet?


It's quite obvious to anyone who uses PCVR that Meta does not care for PCVR and is only focusing on standalone. Asgrad Wrath Sequel being a Q3 exclusive made that blantantly clear. as someone who primarily uses PCVR it is quite annoying to have to constantly dealy with oculus' software running in the background and hogging and insane amount of resources for a dashboard that hasnt been updated since 2019.

I really don't understand why they don't sunset the Oculus Rift Software and release their PC exclusives elsewhere (like on Steam) It is obvious PCVR is even less than an afterthought for them so why not just go all in and sunset the software?? Let Meta HMD work without the hassle that is their often buggy software and through SteamVR. If they dont care for PCVR anymore atleast let those who do still use their HMDS without the constant annoyance and hassle that is the Rift Software, Thoughts?



Personally  I Find it ridiculous that Meta still forces their users to user their software when they themselves have not supported PCVR in the betterpart of 3 years.

Not just that but to throw QPro users under the bus as if we haven't been supporting this company since it was Oculus owned by Palmer Lucky, it sets a great precedent not to support this company if you want anything near top of the line for VR, as long as they keep using phone CPUs in their headsets they will never ever go back to supporting PCVR like the old Oculus once did. 

Let us use steam if you wont support PCVR, this is so frustrating to have a smooth VR experience then it slows to a crawl because I accidentally opened the stupid dashboard and now my HMD is like a slideshow. LET US USE STEAMVR IF YOU WONT SUPPORT PCVR!!!!!


If PC software was killed......

.......what would all the people - and there are a lot of them - who play PCVR with a linked Quest do?

They need this. You won't be able to play a game on Steam using Quest if you haven't connected the device first.

I understand what you mean, but Steam VR already supports Meta HMDs and is the largest PCVR storefront, if Meta has no interest in PCVR atleast let us use our headsets without always having to use their awful software.

We are forced to constantly use a bloated unsupported piece of software, to play steamVR games you need the Oculus software to be constantly running in the background which tears through ur VRAM aswell as SteamVR itself.

They are obviously not against bringing Meta exclusives to Steam with Moss 1+2 and Saints and Sinners etc., so I dont see why they cant just allow us to use the headsets while foregoing the Rift Software

I'd rather have the choice to use SteamVR or Oculus VR for PCVR.

For MSFS most people on the Flight Sim forum prefer OpenXR rather than OpenVR and I have great results with Oculus' implementation. By all accounts ASW is better than the Steam equivalent and various options available within the Oculus Tray Tool. I bought the MS version of FS rather than the Steam version to avoid Steam altogether for that reason.

There are a lot of Steam users asking about problems with SteamVR and VRAM usage so I'm not convinced this is an Oculus rather than a Steam issue. If you're getting better results with Oculus-non-SteamVR games as apposed to Oculus-SteamVR games, is are you certain that Oculus rather than Steam is the issue?

If this is a 'I hate stand-alone' thing then ok, I hate not having a choice and putting everthing on Steam effectively takes away my choice.

I sometimes get the feeling that the PCVR only brigade have forgotten that there are a lot of headsets out there now, some just do PCVR and some only let you use SteamVR. Quests don't have to do that as well.

Choice it good.

Also, Oculus have stripped down their PCVR app. We had a lot of requests on the forum to remove the Home environment or at least not have it as a default, When Meta removed it, some cited it as an example of abandoning PCVR... take your pick. Personally I want it paired down as much as possible.

I'm a Quest Pro user, not sure what you mean by abandoned, it gets as many updates as my Quest 3 does, plus it got the ability to have general (rather than application specific) localised dimming not that long ago. I'm using it more than ever.

Also, I've never accidentally opened Dash, they allocated it to the one recessed controller button so it's kind of hard to press by accident.

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but Steam VR already supports Meta HMDs

Yes, of course ...but a Quest won't be recognized on Steam before it's linked.
And you need the pc app to do that.

Or am I completly wrong?

Rising Star

Agree that Meta has not put any effort on the PCVR side, but there still are titles that are cross buy, where you are able to get a way better experience than using the Quest versions. Extending the life somewhat for the standalone HMDS, also I guess they might want to keep it for business users and for some titles that have a higer demand on GPU and CPU capacity. Think it works well when I use the Remote Desktop app for both Rift titles as well for Steam titles even If it would be great If they did some work on it to be refreshed. Rift store titles was a pain to reinstall and support from Meta on failing downloads a mess.


That's a very fair comment @JohSm67 

As far as cross-buy goes, I have what's getting on for 20 CB titles now and a lot of those purchases were prompted by it being cross-buy. If I had to choose only PCVR or only stand-alone versions, it would be a tough choice, I'd probably go for the play-anywhere option for half those titles.

For people who don't have a VR capable PC, getting a cross-buy titles may give them a little incentive to think about getting a decent PC at some point... at least they wouldn't have to re-buy some games.

Meta downloads are really slow though, and I've had to re-download my whole Oculus PC library once this year.

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SteamVR supports Meta headsets by using the Oculus SDK and runtime. It has no native support for the headsets. If you get rid of the Rift/PCVR software, you get rid of SteamVR support too.

(Effectively SteamVR itself runs as an Oculus VR game when you have a Rift or linked Quest)

The same with SteamVR on WMR headsets. SteamVR has no native WMR headset support, it runs on top of the WMR software (which is garbage compared to the Oculus software).

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