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Will Oculus open up there store finally? Or more set backs from Meta?

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Now that there is some real players in the fields out there. All using 6df tracking. All using flat lenses. All using the XR2 chip. Do you think Oculus will keep in the wall garden or do you think with all the extra pressure they will cave and open up their store for others to purchase software on?


I know I am looking at the Pico 4 right now my self or even the Pro that releases later. Quest 3 was leak and it didnt impress me at all. Granted I am going to wait for Oct to see what their real plan is... but its not looking good with it being release next year with only a slightly better specs than what we have currently. 


Over all the only thing that impress me so far are the controllers that are using my idea. This really does open the door for a lot more reliability for any move you wish to make. Something I wish we had back in Quest1 or CV1 days 😄


Short of that.. their pro does have eye tracking, but I also know it will take a while before any software will make use of them. On the other hand, it does future proof it for a while as Quest 3 WILL NOT have eye tracking or even a basic version of it (for example, to use for IDP or menu selection). Granted, face tracking does sound cool and I know you can already use it in a few apps that are my social. On the other hand, this feature seems more of a gimic in terms of how useful it will really be long term and not something a basic user would want to have to pay for if they are not really using it. Only social apps will make use of it - every other game will not have a real use for it.


On the other hand, and I know its not true, but if the leak version was their entry and they are working on a 2nd option... maybe it will be worth the wait as this version seems to be pretty much complete and the only delay seems to be more of a manufacturing one. 


Not holding my breath though.. Quest 3 will be moving back to dual screens for stepless idp adjustment and will be using the new flat lenses. Per eye res also increases but not by much. That's about all really. FOV stays the same and they will have color passthrough. No word on the controllers it will use, but I have a feeling its the new controllers that the pro will be using. While they will be using a new chip - its the same SOC with the ram remove for better cooling. This will be around a 20-30% improvement - but keep in mind that isnt a big jump when they are also increasing the res as well per eye. Not a bad trade off - but I dont think we will see the extra boost in performance for devs to be able to push their software as much. At this point its more of an overclock and normally doesnt lead to much real world performance gains vs a redesign of a chip that can make use of improvement in either the node shrinks or better layout design for all the parts that make up a "core". While all this sounds great... keep in mind its a year out.. Pico will also have been out a full year as well with most of these features. 


Short of that - it seems like many other companies are also either have something close or even a better option going forward either releasing now or coming soon. Instead of Oculus loosing sells from the like of Apple - it might be best for them to finally open up their store too keep people in at least their pocket book for a little share of the pie vs trying to control it all.


Personally, after such a long wait for a device that was already one step backwards over their last generation headset... and now readding all those feature back in again... they really need to add eye tracking. Even if its not fast enough for DFOV - at least something there for auto correcting for IDP, menu selections, and other basic use of use stuff. Get it out there and let us start working with it instead of delaying the use of the feature. I also didnt have any issue with using a cable for PCVR. They should bring back an option for it as well so users can make the most out of their purchase if they have a PC to run VR games with instead of treating it like 2nd rate platform. Mobile can be fun and I am sure there are still more they can pull out of it - but its limited. It will always be limited and they need to understand that its not fair to the community that wants to see fully quality out of their headsets where possible. Not saying to make a PCVR headset like they did before - but just add the ability to use the Quest 3 as a PC headset again vs having to play around with lower quality streaming methods. If anything, add another headset to the line up that has this feature if it cost more in general and use the Quest line up as the entry device for most people. I never understood why they didnt go down this route anyways considering its pretty obs on all the different price points and features can bring to the table over all.


For example, using the above again, offer a 3rd headset that cost something the range of 800 (still less than your pro) that supports eye tracking, a bigger jump in displays (2.5k-4k one per eye) and supports a direct PC link. While it wont be able to support a larger display res on the mobile half, it would flip between a PC and Mobile option for the different available res for the screen instead. This way PCVR gets to use better specs while the mobile wont struggle on a higher res screen. FOV should also be a focus on increasing some as well - but I understand they dont want to make different lens types here and rather keep the same lenses to help lower manufacturing cost, but if they did cold do the same by lowering the specs for when the mobile half is used vs the pc half. The eye tracking, again, doesnt have to support DFOV - but the ability to at least help with "it just works" by allowing the user to find their correct IDP, help in menu selections, and other basic task would go a long ways. Give us the option to use the new controllers and BOOM you have a headset out of this world for a while.