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Will Quest Pro controllers be supported by Quest 3/version of it without controllers for order?

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Hello! Not sure where exactly I should ask about it, so let's try it here.

I think Meta is not enough "clear" about this topic. Update v47 just released and Quest 2 now supports Quest Pro controllers and I really want to buy it... But there are two big concerns that stop me.

1. Will Quest 3 or even 4 support it? I understand that it probably will, but that's pretty strange that Meta can't cleary state on the shop's page under Compatibility tab something like "It will be supported with our future products as well" or something. I can see no reason why it won't be able to support it (if even Quest 2 can do it), but this uncertainty about it really puts me off.

2. Will there be a version of future headsets without controllers included and for lesser price for people, who already purchased Quest Pro controllers? I mean I want to spent 300 dollars on the controllers itself (old price of the whole Quest 2 by the way) and I want to avoid spending additional money on technically obsolete controllers with tracking rings (or, if it will use tracking via cameras as well, without some of Pro's features) that obviously I won't use because I will already have better ones. It's strange that you suddenly can buy another more technically advanced controllers for a cheaper mainstream type of headset as well, but without the guarantee that I will be able to avoid spending even more money in the future on the pieces of hardware I won't use, it's, again, a reason to restrain from buying it too.

Hope someone from Meta will be able to clear it for me and for all other people who may be interested in it. Thank you in advance!


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Volunteer Moderator

Hi @StreetKillerBY

Meta don't release details of future headsets including their compatibility with existing products until the hardware is released and even then, firmware upgrades bring new functionality that wasn't known at launch. I agree it would be great if they gave advanced info, but they rarely do.

So we make decisions based on what we know, for me that means not ordering stuff until I know what it does and really just ordering based on what I want now rather than what I want in the future or what I think future firmware upgrades will bring.

It's not ideal I know but I don't think Meta are the only company to do this, and may have a lot to do with keeping options open combined with ongoing firmware developments and component availability and price fluctuations.

I think we can make some reasonable assumptions though... the Pro controllers are expensive and Meta have said that the Quest 3 price will be kept around the $500 mark or below. If true, I'd say it definitely won't be sold with pro controllers, but they will remain an option, just as they are with the Q2, it's very unlikely that Q3 will drop this function compared with Q2.

I'd also hazard a guess that Pro prices will drop at some point, but that would depend on component prices and Meta's stance on Pro hardware not being subsidised.

Anyway, I have the pro so I've had a while to test the controllers and quite honestly, for gaming, I'd be hard pushed to recommend them at their current price. They're an absolute must if you're a developer, given that future controllers eventually will all be self-tracking and as such the tracking characteristics when developing games or utilities should be allowed for, but for a consumer gaming headset, I'm not sure they're essential kit, it's quite difficult to tell them apart, tracking-wise from the non-pro controllers, unless you put them very close to the headset, and even in sniper gaming, I never seemed to have a problem with the non-pro controllers.

When modelling in 3D though (in Medium for example) the difference becomes more noticeable, you're constantly manipulating objects very close to the headset.

I'd also prefer to have had the non-pro controllers work with the pro headset, so that I could take advantage of the very long battery life (35 hours) compared with the pro controllers. It would have been ideal to use the non-Pro controllers for casual gaming, or just for when the pro controllers need charging. Unfortunately, the cross-compatibility only works one-way.

Well, sorry, all that probably doesn't answer your question but maybe points you in the right direction.

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