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Will You Be Buying Any Accessories for the Quest 3 Off The Bat?

It has been reported that some accessories have been linked on a website

When I bought the Quest 2 on day 1 I always saw it as a fantastic cheap VR headset.  I didn't buy the elite strap that many people said was essential and I'm so glad I didn't.  I've had that Quest 2 for 3 years now and it has been fantastic and well worth the money.

I'll be honest, I bought a case from VR Cover - I think it was £20 and I bought the Anker cable before the official Link cable came out.

For those who are sure they'll be buying a Quest 3, do you see any of the accessories as essential?  I do think I'll get either the charging dock or the elite strap - the dock for the Quest Pro is just fantastic but I am curious to see how much better life is with an Elite Strap.


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Ya, I'll probably just start off like I did with my Q2 and use the stock strap to begin with.  Also, like my Q2 I'll attach a 10000-20000mahr battery pack to the rear strap with a couple of Velcro straps and use a short 0.5m battery cable for longer runtimes.  This actually worked very well because it better balanced the headset and took a lot of weight off my face.  I also added an inexpensive rear strap pad that made it more comfortable.  I got this from Ebay for about $5.

This is the cable I got from Amazon;

This is the rear pad I got from Ebay;

I'll see how I go with all this for starters.  With my Q2 I needed a 20000mahr pack to properly balance it but maybe with the Q3 I'll only need a 10000mahr pack.  Who knows?  I've got lots of external packs laying around.  I eventually went with an Elite strap with battery when it went on sale at Amazon and while this did work pretty well, it wasn't all that much better TBH.  I still may look at getting one later though.  I still haven't decided which memory option to go with yet.  If I'm feeling rich I may go with the highest on offer (512Gb?).

In any case, I'm sure that heaps of accessories will quickly come out for the Q3 and there will be lots of YouTubers with affiliate links telling us how amazing these are and that these are must buys, lol! 

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Awesome! Thank you for that information! Will need to look into this soon! 

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If the Quest 3 headband is as terrible as the Quest 2 headband, I will definitely buy another one. But I hope that something comes out  from a third party.
To be honest, I think the accessories sold by Meta are overpriced.

I have the

Bobovr pro elite strap 

for the Quest 2 and like it prety much. i hope for something similar for Quest 3.

Like @TomCgcmfc  said it's so good for balance with a battery or powerbank at the back of head.


Yeah that's the one thing I do regret about the cable I bought - no right-angle - schoolboy error really.

Good point about the battery pack distributing the weight better although will the 3 be any lighter?  Probably not but if it's closer to the face maybe that makes some difference.

The storage size - yeah that depends on how much the price goes up for me.  It better not be Apple Storage! 😂

Big PC, all the headsets, now using Quest 3

Current info is the Quest 3 weighs a few grams more than the Quest 2. But the entire headset is closer to your face, so the weight distribution makes it feel better.


I haven't bought anything for my Quest 2. The default headstrap is good for development, I often just hold the headset to my face with one hand while doing quick test runs.

I think the Quest 3 will fit into my Go case. I can fit the Quest 2 in there without controllers, the Quest 3 should fit with controllers.

I might buy the Touch Pro controllers, depending on how the Touch Plus controllers work.


Previous accessories (official or third party) I bought:

Rift CV1: touch controllers with second sensor, third sensor, touch controllers with fourth sensor (to use for VR Object tracking, needed 3 controllers), vr cover, 2 USB expansion cards.

Rift-S: USB powered hub (fixed all Rift-S issues)

Go: carry case

Quest 1: carry case, Link cable, vr cover


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Well, for Quest 2 I purchased:


Elite strap with battery

Prescription Inserts

Anker charging dock

Face cover with fan BOBOVR

IR projector USB - C
VR earbuds


all have been worth it. However, if I upgrade, I will get the elite headstrap with battery, charging dock, RX lens, and a carrying case. My other peripherals are all USB-C so should be fine there  but I want the higher storage, and the peripherals are expensive, so looking to spend close to a thousand bucks. I admit I am obsessed lol  it’s an amazing device.



I did end up purchasing the Elite Strap for Quest 2, and it was well worth it! So much easier to change headsets amongst family members without disrupting the flow of a group VR experience. Any accessories that help improve the overall quality of the VR experience - especially anything that improves immersion - are well worth the investment, imho.

Yes! People do like the Elite Strap it is a game changer 😎

We are all mad here.


I would have the elite strap with battery but the price seems a little off if rumours are true. The Quest 2 was cheap so it allowed you to kind of create your headset to gow you wanted it. A headstrap here a facial interface there and you've still got change out of £400

With the Quest 3 now at £500ish, I think the extra for the accessories really is too much. I also think long term users should get a loyalty discount for continuing to buy into the ecosystem

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