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Will You Be Buying Any Accessories for the Quest 3 Off The Bat?

It has been reported that some accessories have been linked on a website

When I bought the Quest 2 on day 1 I always saw it as a fantastic cheap VR headset.  I didn't buy the elite strap that many people said was essential and I'm so glad I didn't.  I've had that Quest 2 for 3 years now and it has been fantastic and well worth the money.

I'll be honest, I bought a case from VR Cover - I think it was £20 and I bought the Anker cable before the official Link cable came out.

For those who are sure they'll be buying a Quest 3, do you see any of the accessories as essential?  I do think I'll get either the charging dock or the elite strap - the dock for the Quest Pro is just fantastic but I am curious to see how much better life is with an Elite Strap.


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Yeah, have to say, nothing worse than fiddling with the standard strap after your friend/family member has themselves fiddled with it. 

And you just know that everybody is going to want to get their hands on your Quest 3 😁

Hadn't considered that.

Big PC, all the headsets, now using Quest 3

The Quest 2 case was a great purchase, shame the Pro doesn't fit... I never bothered with a case for that as it stays at home on the charging dock, but the Quest 3 probably will, the controllers, without the rings might not be secure in it though. No doubt someone will confirm.

I heard rumours that third party (or 3D printed) adaptors could be made to allow existing straps to fit the Q3. Not sure how likely that is but if it's true, someone will do it.

Less than 4 weeks away (if the rumours are true).

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With the Quest 2, I pre-ordered the case, Elite strap, and VR Cover interface along with the headset. I think I’ll see how the stock strap is for the Q3, but I’ll most likely get a VR Cover (I like the feel of pu leather better than foam, fabric, or silicone). I may wait on the case since I work from home now, but I will still be taking it out of the house occasionally. Maybe it’ll fit well enough in the Q2 case.

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I was wondering the same about the case. Seems like it would fit with a bit more room for small accessories. Really excited to see what happens at launch. Also excited to see third party accessories/prices.