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Will a Knowledge of XR give teenagers a headstart over those who don't use it?

My work involves VR / visualisation and a lot of that work involves universities and colleges - I notice this is increasing.

I remember persuading my parents how important a computer was - it would have been around 1986.  When I got one I'd say 10% of the use I got out of it was trying things out - a little bit of Basic and just experimenting on what a computer could do, the rest, playing games but that 10% was invaluable to understanding computers.  These days in the UK, lower income families can get a laptop for their children paid for them because they are seen as essential.

So, the main areas I work in with regards VR are design and engineering.  I know that most people doing a degree in engineering will usually study virtual engineering as part of that.

Will having an interest in XR - owning a Quest, give those teenagers an advantage over those who don't when it comes to university and work?  As much as having a PC in the house?  

Big PC, all the headsets, now using Quest 3


Yes, I think it is advantage if you are grown up with something.

It won't be important to all people, like with computers... PCs are everywhere these days, no matter what you work with.
I don't think it will be the same for VR.
Not everyone will use VR every day for work or leisure... but who knows, people probably said the same thing about PCs in the 70s and 80s and later about the Internet.

Teens probaply not surely know what they will work later in his life, so......Quests for all.😁

That's true @Choleni  - PCs really are absolutely everywhere.  I suppose even most smartphones could be classed as computers, connected to the web and everything else.

I think once XR is on mobile devices (phones and glasses) - and I mean more than it is now, that's it - I think it will be used by everybody.  I think this will start to really ramp up in 2025.

And don't forget AR Head Up Displays in cars - it's coming and I don't think anything will stop it.

Big PC, all the headsets, now using Quest 3