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Will the new positional tracker work with my DK2?

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I need a replacement to use with my headset, any help appreciated!


I assume you mean the CV1 sensors? the short answer is no it won't track the DK2.
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@Percy1983 Thank you for the answer. If you don't mind, is it also correct that the headset and positional sensor on the DK2 are linked in production? Meaning that I can't get a replacement from another headset setup?

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Correct, the sensor and headset on DK2 were paired together at the factory so can't be interchanged. Luckily the consumer Rift is not like that, so it's easy to replace sensors. 
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exactly the same issue, contacted oculus and was told to ask in forums, my sons has gone missing and cant be found, searched everywhere, rather annoyed at how oculus sorts this issue though, they create a roduct that sells for a huge amount to most yet can't back u any lost or broken parts, shit service if i'm honest, why produce the dk2 and sell it if there was never any way to fix it if broken or arts lost, customers don't matter as long as someone has been paid, us dk2 consumers have been left behind while oculus make another bucket of money from the general public, I have always been willing to buy a new tracker if they had one or id have bought the new one if by some chance it would work.

surely anyone involved in the development of oculus rift should be rewarded in some way, seems anyone who still runs dk2 isn't worth the time anymore.

bad oculus.

p.s. cyberreality, how is it lucky the consumer model is replaceable, without us dk2 users the production version wouldn't be anything, what oculus wants us to do is purchase another unit from them, fat chance of that from me, the service provided so far is lack luster, no help at all.

The clue as to why you cant get spares is in the name. They made these for developers but allowed anyone to buy them. They did not need home users to use them in order to build the cv1. They released them so developers could develop games for them.

The fact that you have lost part of that kit and it is no longer manufactured or is replaceable isnt really anyones fault bar your own.

Sorry bud but you are gonna have to pony up some more cash to get the consumer version.
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It's a great shame if you were having fun with the DK2 but the difference between that and the CV1 is night and day.  If you have a PC that is suitable for the CV1 i highly recommend you take the plunge.

If you're happy with the DK2 then you can pick up the whole package on Ebay for £150 - 200 these days.
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