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Will there ever be a Robo Recall 2?

Level 3
The original is still to this very day one of the best VR titles out there and im sure if there was a sequal millions of peole would cough up the cash to play it!!

Please Facebook & Epic games make this happen there is money to made here!!

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MowTin said:

It would be nice to have a Robo Recall full campaign instead of the wave shooter we have now. 

We need more than wave shooters in VR. Arizona Sunshine is one of the few first person full campaign games. 

I would heartily agree with that!

Level 7
I'd love if they just had an expansion. Pay a level designer for a year, use existing enemies... Robo recall definitely felt like one of the defining experiences for me but it was just too short.

Level 5
@Wildt !!!
this video gives me goose bumps !

Level 12
Too bad it will probably never look that good.

I like!!!!

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How the FUCK did I miss this?!!?!?

This is what happens when you start developing a game and then take a break for AGES. You miss all the good stuff!!!

I'd put good money on Oculus and Epic announcing Robo Recall 2 at OC6, might take a bit of attention from Valve announcing The Lab 2 in September lol 😄 😛 😄

Level 14
I think it is just an engine demo, afaik it is not a real game.

(i would love to be wrong however)
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I sure hope this is an upcoming sequel , I would be all over that !!

Level 12
@Th4Sing3 - way ahead of ya mate  🙂

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Level 5
@Wildt Lolll i was on another planet  😄

Level 2
PLEASE do a RoboRecall 2 or give us a DLC. I will GLADLY pay for it. More levels, more weapons, grenades, whatever. Just give us more PLEASE!