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Windows 11 user vote, How many people are having issues with Windows 11 and any occulus product


Could you all please comment on here if you are having an issue with any Oculus product and windows 11 so i can gauge the impact of Oculus not updating the drivers?


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I've just been getting a black screen since I updated to windows 11. I still have audio and oculus games still display on my monitor, the headset just seems to not register that I'm wearing it. 


Was working, no longer since later Windows 11 Insider Preview builds.  Can't reinstall because of the OVRLibraryService problem reported elsewhere.  Very shoddy having no Windows 11 support when Windows 11 is shipping and has been available to FB/Meta for many months.  Come Christmas, there are going to be some very unhappy bunnies out there.

Hey there, Windows 11 isn't directly supported by Oculus devices quite just yet. Windows 11 support is on the way soon, but we have no other information to share just yet. We recommend using Windows 10 until 11 is fully supported. Keep your eyes peeled to our blogs and socials and we'll be sure to let everyone know as soon as Windows 11 is supported.

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Unfortunately that doesn’t help developers who need to target the latest Windows OS or gamers who upgraded to Windows 11 or people who bought new computers since October.


If there’s a manual patch that can be applied by people who know their way around the commandline, then at least let us out of our misery and give us the instructions.


My VR development work has ground to a halt.  No way am I spending 2 days moving back to Windows 10 when I’m working with a Windows 11 toolchain.


Meta needs to pull its finger out or you will have some very unhappy customers when Christmas comes.


A cyncial person would say the delay is to further degrade the PCVR community.  This is what vendor lockin looks like and it isn’t pretty.


I bought a Used Rift S and got home thought the Headset was broken then realized I needed a program for drivers.
Ok so
I went to download the setup, (and I've been down the rabbit hole) Start up the Setup Launcher get to Installing then I get the Restart Computer Error. I then go try and figure crap out. Nothing. I go to Oculus Support. Install Windows 10 (ARE YOU SERIOUS (past 30 day rollback period (Don't really want to do it)))

So finally what I'm left with is a VR headset that can't run SteamVR, can't run Oculus, and all it can do is act as a headset for discord.......................................................................

PS. On top of all that, They haven't said anything about this Windows 11 Support fix. They constantly ignore people trying to figure out problems. And despite the base functionality of W11 being similar to 10 they are unwilling to explain logs so the user may attempt to find a work around while they are being slow 

Also I swear, If I hear that same copy and pasted message once more, I'm going to scream. Its a pain not knowing anything whatsoever. Listen to the desperation, I just want to use my new headset

This makes me angry as well, I am disappointed with "Meta" and their extremely slow response time with an operating system which for the last 4 months has had a beta build and for the last month had a public build


This is the same defacto message you are rolling out to everyone and it is not acceptable to us in the community who bought your product on the understanding they will be supported. Windows 11 was out for developers and the industry to update drivers and software from the middle of 2020 so you are the only main manufacturer that has not managed to supply updated drivers. This is not acceptable levels of support as some of us have no choice in being upgraded to windows 11 as it part of our professional life.

Silence may have been the better tact?