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Windows 11 user vote, How many people are having issues with Windows 11 and any occulus product

Level 4

Could you all please comment on here if you are having an issue with any Oculus product and windows 11 so i can gauge the impact of Oculus not updating the drivers?


Level 2

Yes, my Alienware laptop is Windows 11. Rift S constantly crashes. Pretty much unusable now.

Level 3

Found a way to get the oculus app on windows 11 what you have to do is go into settings > recovery > advanced restart I believe and then click troubleshoot then startup settings and click 7 to DISABLE driver signature enforcement once you do that install the oculus app then restart your pc to reenable the driver enforcement then boom you have the app!

Level 4

It's been 211 days since the first developer version of windows 11 launched, This is the only company I have seen that has refused to upgrade their software for this long. 


pas de problème avec Windows 11 a ce jour chez mes clients finaux , ni  en interne , la fonction remote fonctionne sans soucis , quelques difficultés pour le paramétrage clavier dans la workrooms mais bon il faut vraiment trouver une solutions péréne pour la gestion clavier wind 10/11 idem ; Le seul clavier dispo chez Apple avec une dispositon qwerty dans la work pas idéal quant on est est sur pc ; pas pu tester le logicitech inexistant sur les marketplaces de la planéte !

Level 3

We can add another issue to the pile of issues. Rift S causes BSODs on my Windows 11 PCs, even when the device is not in use, due to a virtual serial port interface.

Oculus's serial interface causes WDF_VIOLATION cra... - Oculus Community - 940312 (

Level 4

No black screen but I have the low frame rate issue, if I do the compositor work around it helps sometimes and sometimes only temporarily, sometimes it just freezes and breaks and I have to reset everything

Level 4

I'd like to add as well that I'm tired of Meta's unwillingness to update the app to support windows 11. The main issue seems to be with the compositor playing nicely with windows 11, not a hard fix. Definitely not something that takes months to figure out. If people could find a work around for it, even if it's a pain in the ass to do, they can figure it out. This has nothing to do with them not being able to at this point, this is about them dragging their feet at this point. Stop working on feature updates for the quest 2, get it fixed. I have a quest 2, as much as I appreciate the updates I care about being able to use link properly more. 

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I got a new computer that came preloaded with Windows 11 and am very surprised that Oculus still doesn't support it even more than 90 days since the release date (actually it's been 111 days as I write this).  There are some "hacky" solutions like keeping another window open that gives developer stats, and if this is the only way to get support then the Oculus app should open another window and display developer stats, users shouldn't be required to jump through hoops.  I haven't even seen an Oculus BETA that supports Windows 11 - that would also be acceptable until this is fully resolved, but please give us something here.  At the very VERY least an ETA on support.

Level 3

Shiiitt. I just gave in to Windows' constant begging to install Windows 11, which will be done tomorrow morning. Looks like I'll have to stop the automatic reboot and keep my machine running until Oculus->facebook-meta get's their stuff together.

Seriously, how can this *still* be an issue?

Level 3

I guess I have been lucky. I have been using Windows 11 since it was available on the Windows Insider Program. I have had no issues using my Rift S with Windows 11. That being said, I only use the Rift S for iRacing and occasionally X-Plane 11.