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Would you recommend the PSVR2?

Honored Guest

Okay here's the situation: I only tried the Oculus rift something like 2 times and only played demos, since my PC isn't really good. I enjoyed the demos and are generally interested in playing some more immersive games. I don't really play any online multiplayer stuff and am really only interested in single player experiences. Some games on the VR2 seem interesting (like Horizon and the RE Games) though I don't think it would be worth it just for those. What I'm also interested in though is the cinematic mode. I own a decent TV (some 400$ Samsung Tv, 50 inches, 4K, 60Hz) but I was wondering weather the Headset offers a notable improvement for playing non-VR games and watching shows? I know that it offers 120hz. Is the picture quality good as well? Does it "feel" better? Thanks in advance 🙂



It really depends, but I will say this that the price of psvr2 is not worth it considering what it is.  Essentially it's a watered down valve index with a fraction of the library.  I primarily use it for gt7.  Don't let the 120hz fool you.  Honestly 120hz 4k is a scam for ps5 and Xbox series x.  

Quest 2 still holds up even against the psvr2 for price to performance.  

My take is if you have a hole burning in your pocket and like VR go for it.  That said if you have a decent PC and quest 2 there is no need for it.