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Your favorite VR experience to date, lets hear it!

Level 8

For me personally, Elite Dangerous. I could spend hours in this program.. and I actually bought a Simpit and Buttkicker gamer 2!  + Sound blaster ZxR + Logitech Z5500 - Its off the charts amazing.

I've had lots of great times in other games, but if I had to pick one game, ED.

What VR program has moved you the most, to date?

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Level 13
For me it has to be ‘We Wait’ which is an unforgettable VR experience that transports you to the heart of the refugee crisis. You experience the hopes and fears of a terrified Syrian family as they make the perilous journey from Turkey to Greece on smugglers’ boats. It's the first in a line of BBC productions available in the Oculus store.

Or it might be Elite Dangerous.

By a bloody country mile!

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
SuperHot VR held the top spot for me for quite a while, but I've been playing a lot of Echo Arena during the open betas, and that game might be the new king.

Medium is also great, and may be the VR title that I've spent the most time in.

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Level 12
Elite dangerous is hard to deny

i have been meaning to play this week, all this thargolds talk and i have the time, i still loved the dreamdeck, contact, abe, appollo 11

so much of vr blows you away, its hard to choose one winner. But elite is so so close to the top, your first fuel scoop by the sun, unforgettable.
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Level 11
Elite Dangerous.
Bridgecrew because im a total nerd.

pretty even between them.

Level 7
That's a tough call...while I've definitely spent more hours in Elite Dangerous than in anything else, it's really difficult to pick out just one experience as being above all others.

Funny enough, I just went back to look at my purchases and ED was the first thing I bought!