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Zuckerberg talks VR at Silicon Slopes

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For those with a Facebook account, you view this interview here:

This was a great conversation, and I really enjoyed hearing Facebook's views on the future Virtual Reality plays on the global economy and the environment. These are great ways to think about VR beyond just gaming. Here's a paraphrased summary of my favorite bits:

"Delivering a feeling of presence"

Today so much of people's opportunities is tied to a small number of cities that people may not want to move to. Why can't it be the case that people can access any opportunity they want while living anywhere that they want.

This is going to be a huge thing for economic growth and for equalizing opportunity around the world; plus it's good for the environment. It's a lot easier to move bits around than it is to move atoms.


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Zenbane said:

For those with a Facebook account
And for those without too, the video works fine. 🙂

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In the later portion of the video, Zuckerberg confirms that Bill Gates remains one of his mentors. I love that Gates and Zuckerberg remain allies.

Bill Gates continues to play an active role in Microsoft, and we've seen some of that partnership take shape in VR (e.g. when Oculus Studios and Microsoft teamed up for the Bladerunner VR experience). I'm very excited to see what the next 5-10 years in tech will bring!